Papa John’s New Double Cheeseburger Pizza

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Papa John’s has released a Double Cheeseburger Pizza, because nothing says ‘murica quite like a cheeseburger pizza. The new pizza is topped with a zesty burger sauce, a double layer of 100% beef, dill pickle slices, roma tomatoes, and 100% mozzarella cheese.

Papa John's Double Cheeseburger Pizza

The new pizza is available as a large order for $12. Also, Papa John’s is still running their $5 Mega Cookie promotion.

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.


  1. Papa John’s Double Cheesburger pizza is….DISGUSTING…The sauce is like 1000 Island Dressing..The toppings were few and far between..2 bits of hamburger meat, 1 pickle, and one tiny dice of tomato per piece..and the cheese was transparent ..However, there was a gross amount of the disgusting “sauce”..You pick up a piece and everything slid off the crust slice..The first pizza I ever had to throw away because it tasted like crap and made me want to vomit..Ironically, it’s what the mess looked like in my plate..vomit..Save the $12..

    • I literally almost threw up while eating, hopefully it’s a ‘limited’ special that will never ever return, just remembering the disgusting sauce makes me lose my lunch.. Yeah, that bad.

  2. Agree with Sally. On the website it looked like one thing, when it arrives you immediately think you got delivered the wrong pizza. Initially I wanted to believe it tasted “OK” because I just paid for it….
    Ingredients… Like playing Where’s Waldo
    Slices…top layer slides off when you hold it revealing that nasty “mayo & ketchup sauce”

    Save your money and listen to Sally!

  3. Disgusting !!

    Dripping with oil and overflowing with a nasty tangy sauce. Normally I love all Papa John’s pizzas, but I couldn’t stomach finishing this one.

    I wish I had stuck with one of my favorites instead of trying this nasty mess – don’t order the cheeseburger pizza !!

  4. fred is correct. its awful the sauce takes over the entire pizza the other toppings are sparse as well. I threw out almost the entire pie. it might be a winner with regular marinara.

  5. worst pizza ever, feel like i’ve been cheated, the pickles and sauce seemed low quality as well. lost me as a customer

  6. I was on the fence about ordering this. I saw a friend order one, and to be honest looking at it disgusted me. But today I said why not (I had enough points for a free one) … And believe it or not I loved it. To me, at least, it tasted just like a Big Mac, with extra pickles, on a pizza dough crust. And, I like Big Macs – so it was great.

    I can see how this is a love it or hate it pizza. The beef and tomatoes tasted like what you would find on another pizza. I didn’t notice a cheese difference. So basically – do you want the “zesty sauce” and pickles or not? That’s basically what it boils down to. If you don’t like either of those then don’t get this pizza.

    Of course, you can customize it to your desire as well, so don’t afraid to do that. But this is a pickle pizza!

  7. This was the most discussing pizza I have ever eaten, No exaggeration. I loved when dominoes had one like this and it was tasty. This was not what I expected at all. Ugh, I wish I could get the taste out of my mouth.

  8. I agree with everyone who said it was disgusting.Ate one slice after i put the toppings back on that all slid off when I picked it up. Two beers latter and I still cant get the taste out of my mouth. No hamburger hardly at all and swimming in pickles. Never again~~this wont last on the menu long.

  9. hands down the worst pizza on earth. i want to throw up just think of the nasty mixture of awefulness. if getting your stomach pumped was cheap i would get 2 just to make sure that crap is out of me

  10. Papa John’s Double Cheeseburger Pizza was the absolute worst. The best description I have is GROSS. Papa John’s owes everyone who trusted and purchased one an apology and a large pizza of their choice.

  11. I absolutely loved the double cheeseburger pizza. The best thing I ever did was order it with light sauce. The only thing that sucks? It was only available for a limited time. It’s been almost a year and I’m really hoping they bring it back.

  12. I can’t have the cheese because of a daily allergy but I got it without cheese and it tasted great.

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