News: Starbucks New Sandwiches and Salads

Starbucks has just expanded their food menu with the addition of four new sandwiches and two new salads. The sandwiches come in a pretty unique packaging, featuring a dedicated box. Here’s a look at the new lunch items (descriptions provided by Starbucks):

Starbucks New Sandwiches

Starting from left to right:

Turkey and Havarti Sandwich: Carved oven-roasted turkey with scallion mayo, dill Havarti cheese and butter lettuce on harvest wheat bread. 450 calories

Egg Salad Sandwich – Hardboiled egg salad mixed with chives and arugula on cider wheat bread. 500 calories

Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich – Grilled chicken, bacon, roasted tomato, scallion lemon pepper mayo and butter lettuce on harvest wheat bread. 470 calories

Ham & NY Cheddar Sandwich – Carved oven-roasted ham, sharp New York Cheddar cheese, apple mustard and arugula on cider wheat bread. 470 calories

Starbucks New Salads

Starting from left to right:

Chicken & Greens Caesar Salad Bowl – A delightful twist on the familiar favorite, prepared with grilled chicken, kale and roasted tomatoes. 340 calories

Hearty Veggie & Brown Rice Salad Bowl – Tossed roasted butternut squash, beets, kale, red cabbage, steamed broccoli florets and garden peas with lemon tahini dressing. 430 calories

Zesty Chicken & Black Bean Salad Bowl – A blend of grilled chicken, black beans, roasted corn, jicama, tomatoes, feta, spring greens and quinoa with mild chili vinaigrette. 360 calories

The Starbucks bakery is also serving new Lemon Cake Pops on their Petites menu. 150 calories

Starbucks Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino

On top of the new food items, Starbucks is debuting a new Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino. The new Frappuccino is blended with four types of caramel, milk, and ice topped with dark caramel sauce, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and a crunchy sugar topping.

And Starbucks is running Happy Hour from May 3rd – May 12th. All Frappuccinos will be 1/2 price from 3-5pm every day during the happy hour deal. What a perfect chance to try the new Frappuccino!

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.


  1. I’m trying to stomach the BLT sandwich, but it’s AWFUL! I can’t get through the first half. The lettuce is soggy, the flavor is weird….it tastes like a nasty burp. I just bit into and spit out a large piece of gristle which really made me lose my appetite….Yuck! I will never get this sandwich again. Plus at $5.95, I would expect a larger sandwich, this thing is small.

  2. The Zesty chicken salad with black beans, feta, quiona. It’s AMAZING!!! you have to try it. The vinaigrette is so flavorful it’s insane. Delicious

  3. I have to agree- the Zesty Santa Fe Chicken salad is wonderful. The calories are very reasonable for someone like me on a restricted diet. This fits in nicely as my lean, green meal at the end of the day (having eaten only about 550 calories all day on MediFast). Can’t wait to try the Vegan Salad. The Caesar is likely going to be what we all expect – no surprises here.

    But I am confused about one thing: I stumbled on this blog/website accidentally while looking up when these salads were released. If it’s called, “Man Reviews Food”, where is the review part? The part where he says, “The sandwiches come in a pretty unique packaging, featuring a dedicated box”.? Just sayin’ … I can get the calories and description from Starbucks website. I had wanted to know how it tasted before I shelled out $6 or $7.. Good thing for one of the other reply comments.

  4. I had a coupon for buy one get one, so I bought the turkey and the ham, and both sucked. Starbucks, stick with your coffee, and stop selling this crap.

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