News: Red Robin Irish Beer Shake

Red Robin Irish Beer Shake
Red Robin is releasing an Irish Beer Shake this month. The Irish Beer Shake is the third Beer Shake to be released by Red Robin. The previous beer shakes were released a few months ago. The first was the Oktoberfest Beer Shake, made with Samuel Adams Oktoberfest, vanilla soft serve, and caramel. The second was the Winter Beer Shake, made with Samuel Adams Winter Lager, cinnamon spice, and a hint of citrus.

Red Robin will be making their Irish Beer Shake with Guinness, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and chocolate ice cream. Red Robin is obviously marketing this as a drink for Saint Patrick’s Day, but why they are releasing it so early is beyond me. I’m not sure how I feel about mixing Guinness and chocolate ice cream, it sounds totally disgusting, but at the same time quite intriguing.

Also, Red Robin will be releasing Warm Pretzel Bites with your dipping choice of Merkts beer cheese and beer mustard, as well as their Chili Chili Cheeseburger, which features a beef patty, a generous amount of chili, diced red onions, and chipotle aioli. I’ve had the Chili Chili cheeseburger before, and I can attest to Red Robin’s statement of needing a knife and fork.

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Taylor Tamblin

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  1. This is the best shake I’ ve ever tasted. I wanted to forget the burger and order another shake instead….

  2. This shake was actually really creamy and incredible all the elements blend together really well.

  3. This is the best shake. Do the ingredients sound disgusting when mixed? Yes. Does the mixture turn out to be the best drink invention ever? Yes. I didn’t even like Guinness. So try it.

  4. I recommend taking a trip to Jamaica try the egg punch the traditional stout shake.l

  5. Its so good, I tried to recreate this at home and can’t seem to get it right. Will have to visit Red Robin just for this shake.

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