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During the 2013 Super Bowl, Pizza Hut announced their newest creation: Pizza Hut Sliders. On their Facebook page, they said that they would reveal their creation and give away free samples of it if and only if the quarterback said “hut”. Ho ho ho, I see what you did there Pizza Hut, such a clever pizza chain! And of course, the resulting new food item is equally as clever.

Pizza Hut Sliders

What on earth is a Pizza Hut slider? Sliders are like regular-sized food for little people. They are smaller versions of their larger, full-sized counterparts. The Pizza Hut Sliders are mini pizzas about 3.5 inches in diameter. They come in an order of 9 sliders at the price of $10 or an order of 3 sliders for $5.

The Pizza Hut Sliders can be customized to the customer’s choosing – up to 3 toppings may be chosen for each slider. I suppose if you wanted to be a douche to the Pizza Hut employee you could order different toppings on all 9 sliders, but I imagine most people will only want 2 or 3 topping variations in their box of sliders. The main draw of the Pizza Hut Sliders is that they allow a healthy mixing of toppings without worrying about toppings mixing into other sliders.

One Pizza Hut Slider is approximately equivalent to one slice of a medium Pizza Hut pizza, and the entire box is roughly equivalent to a large Pizza Hut pizza.

Although not the most groundbreaking idea in the pizza world, the Pizza Hut Sliders look like an interesting way to share pizza at parties, or feel like you’re getting way more pizza than you actually did.

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.


  1. How is this in any way a review? The APs article has the same info. A review is where you try something and tell about your experience.

  2. What a lousy way to generate profit on the name of sliders. Sliders are just thick round baked dough with almost no sauce, little cheese, and because of the size of sliders it can’t hold toppings. Imagine yourself putting sauce, cheese, and toppings on 3.5 inch round dough. Very disappointed by sliders. Will not order again.

  3. Do the math, 3.5 inch times 9qty VS. a 14″ large.
    The large is about 70% bigger.
    This is not a promo that gives you the same amount as a large, not even close.

    • With simple math using the area of a circle, yes a large pizza will contain 56% more pizza, but you do have to take into consideration that the Sliders are much taller than a large pizza from Pizza Hut. Calorie-wise the Sliders work out to roughly 1 slice of large pizza, and there are 8 slices in a large.

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