Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza

Little Caesars has just released a pizza that we all knew was coming eventually: Pizza that has bacon wrapped around the edges of the crust. The Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza is a large 8-corner DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza with pepperoni and bacon, and a crust wrapped in 3.5 feet of bacon.

Bacon Wrapped Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza from Little Caesars

The new bacon-wrapped pizza will cost $12 and will clock in at approximately 450 calories per slice. It’s okay, I’m sure we’ve all failed our New Years resolutions by now.

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.

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  1. Looks tasty but I hate the deep deep dish pizza from Little Caesars. I had the a slice and didn’t finish it due to the dough being undercooked. It has way too much dough.

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