Review: Taco Bell Loaded Grillers

Taco Bell Loaded GrillersEarlier this week, Taco Bell came out with a new line of snackable items, the Taco Bell Loaded Grillers. The Loaded Grillers are essentially Taco Bell’s take on popular snack food items wrapped up in a tortilla. The Loaded Grillers come in 3 varieties: Beefy Nacho Griller, Spicy Buffalo Chicken Griller, and the Loaded Potato Griller. All of the Loaded Grillers come in at the measly price of $.99.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Griller Review

Spicy Buffalo Chicken GrillerThe Spicy Buffalo Chicken Griller consists of grilled chicken, Taco Bell’s lava sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream. Given the name of this product, I expected it to taste like buffalo chicken, which would require buffalo sauce. After taking a bite of this, I can safely say that nobody on earth would mistake the contents of this product for buffalo chicken. The Buffalo Chicken Griller isn’t terrible, it’s actually a pretty decent snack item, but it is definitely not buffalo chicken. I think the sour cream should have been left out of this one, because all it does is add to the messiness of this griller. The lava sauce and the chicken work well together, and make this an overall decent value for the money.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Griller

The Score:

Taste: 6.5/10
Presentation: 6/10

Pros: Decent amount of spicy, only $.99
Cons: Name is misleading, sour cream adds nothing but mess

Beefy Nacho Griller Review

Beefy Nacho Loaded GrillerThe Beefy Nacho Griller contains Taco Bell’s seasoned ground beef, nacho cheese sauce, and crispy red tortilla strips. The Beefy Nacho Griller seems remarkably similar to items that have been on the menu in the past, but hey, this is Taco Bell, they’re famous for repackaging the same ingredients. At first I thought the red tortilla strips were the spicy Fritos that they used to have, but they are just tortilla strips. Taco Bell claims the tortilla strips are there to add crunch but they end up getting so soggy from the heat and nacho cheese that they kind of fade away into nothingness. Overall this Griller is the most boring of the Grillers, but it sticks to the tried and true methods of Taco Bell and it tastes good.

Beefy Nacho Loaded Griller

The Score:

Taste: 7.5/10
Presentation: 7/10

Pros: Traditional taste of Taco Bell, good amount of cheese
Cons: Nothing really new, tortilla strips don’t stay crunchy

Loaded Potato Griller Review

Loaded Potato GrillerAccording to Taco Bell, the Loaded Potato Griller “Delivers the taste of potato skins”. The Loaded Potato Griller contains cripsy potato bites, nacho cheese, bacon bits, and reduced-fat sour cream. Of the three new Loaded Grillers, this one is my favorite. The potato’s aren’t really “crispy” like they claim, but they work very well flavorwise with the other ingredients. The bacon also stood out flavorwise, which was a nice surprise for this little snack burrito. This Griller is probably the most snacktastic of the bunch. It’s also the worst nutrition wise for you, but you wouldn’t really be picking up the Grillers for health now, would you?

Loaded Potato Griller

The Score

Taste: 7.5/10
Presentation: 7/10

Pros: Awesome filling snack, my favorite of the Grillers
Cons: Nutrition info


Overall the Taco Bell Loaded Grillers are a great value for the money. The Loaded Grillers were much larger than their advertisements would indicate. I pictured them as about 1/2 of the size that they actually are. All three of the Loaded Grillers taste pretty good, but the Loaded Potato Griller stood out from the pack. If you were to try only one of the Grillers, make it the Loaded Potato Griller.

Check out the Taco Bell Loaded Grillers commercial:

Nutrition Facts

Beefy Nacho Griller
Calories: 420
Calories from Fat: 170
Total Fat: 19g
Sat. Fat: 4.5g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 20mg
Sodium: 870mg
Carbs: 49g
Fiber: 5g
Sugar: 3g
Protein: 12g

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Griller
Calories: 350
Calories from Fat: 140
Total Fat: 15g
Sat. Fat: 4.5g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 40mg
Sodium: 810mg
Carbs: 40g
Fiber: 3g
Sugar: 4g
Protein: 15g

Loaded Potato Griller
Calories: 470
Calories from Fat: 200
Total Fat: 22g
Sat. Fat: 6g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 25mg
Sodium: 1120mg
Carbs: 55g
Fiber: 4g
Sugar: 5g
Protein: 13g

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