Review: Subway Tuscan Chicken Florentine Melt

Subway has introduced a new Tuscan Collection promotion that currently appears to be available in select markets. The newcomer here is the Tuscan Chicken Florentine Melt which features grilled tuscan chicken and a new creamy Spinach Florentine Spread that can be applied to any sub for an additional $.75 for 6-inch subs and $1.50 for footlongs.

Price: $6.25 6-inch ($8.50 for footlong)

Subway Tuscan Chicken Florentine Melt

For my sub, I went with the advertised flatbread, and added spinach, tomatoes, black olives, green bell peppers, a small amount of ranch, oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper. Although the footlong is obviously a much better value, I went with the 6-inch sub.

Subway subs usually leave me disappointed due to most of their subs tasting oddly the same to me. However, the new Tuscan Chicken Florentine Melt is one of the few subs I’ve had from Subway that I can say has a definitively unique flavor profile, mostly thanks to the new Spinach Florentine Spread. (I also enjoyed their fairly recent Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt for similar reasons).

Subway Tuscan Chicken Florentine Melt

The generously applied Spinach Florentine Spread tastes a lot like a spinach artichoke dip, but with more of the creamy base than actual spinach and artichokes. I’d have to give the new Spinach Florentine Spread two thumbs up, because it’s some of the tastiest stuff I’ve ever had at Subway. It had a fairly strong spinach flavor, and added just a small amount of spiciness to the sub. It’s a shame that it’s a fairly expensive add-on to any of their subs, because I’m quite interested to see what other subs this spread works well with.

Subway Tuscan Chicken Florentine Melt

I have to give the highest recommendation to ordering this sub on the flatbread, because it really allowed the key flavors to come through without being buried under a mountain of bread. It did make for a slightly messier eating experience, however.

Although the amount of chicken they gave me was pretty disappointing, I think the overall ratio of ingredients was well done here as long as you go light on the veggies (I’d say four different vegetables max). I usually order bell peppers on my Subway sandwiches, but I’d probably leave them off of this next time, since they clashed a bit with the overall theme.

Subway Tuscan Chicken Florentine Melt

Overall I have to say Subway did a very nice job on the Tuscan Chicken Florentine Melt. It was easily one of the top three subs I’ve had at Subway, and I will absolutely be ordering it again. I will mourn when the Spinach Florentine Spread is retired from the menu.

Taste: 9/10
Presentation: 7.5/10
Spiciness: 2/10
Value: 4.5/10

Pros: Delicious creamy spinach florentine spread, a Subway sub that actually tastes like something I’d want to eat, went really well with the flatbread
Cons: Limited-time spinach florentine spread, not a great value, got a little messy

Nutrition Facts

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