Review: Sonic’s Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Shake

Sonic Drive-In is at it again with the return of their popular Summer of Shakes that debuted last year. All summer long, Sonic is selling all shakes in all sizes at half-price after 8pm. At the center of this deal is one very peculiar flavor of shake: Chocolate Covered Jalapeno. This daring shake, thought to be an April fools joke, features an unorthodox blend of vanilla milkshake, chocolate syrup, and real jalapeno slices. I decided to go with a small on this one.

Price: $1.49 (half-off price)


Sonic shocked the world last year with their Peanut Butter and Bacon Shake with its unique and perhaps slightly disgusting combination of milkshake, peanut butter, and real pieces of bacon. Well Sonic has done it again with the Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Shake, and this shake is even more disturbing than its pork-infused predecessor.


The Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Shake looks innocent enough. The slightly brown chocolate milkshake, whipped cream, and cherry on top could fool just about anyone into thinking this was your everyday chocolate shake, but they’d be wrong. Inch in a little closer and you might find yourself taken back by the smell of… what’s that? Jalapeno? I can imagine a dialogue going something like this:

Customer: Why on earth does my chocolate shake smell of jalapenos? Waiter!
*the waiter rushes in (we’ll call him Jeeves)*
Jeeves: Yes sir, is something wrong?
Customer: I believe your cook tried to kill me by sabotaging my chocolate shake with jalapeno slices!
Jeeves: Oh, you are mistaken sir. That is the Chocolate Covered Jalapeno Shake. It’s actually on the menu.
Customer: What the… Thanks Obama.


Yes it’s true, the shake did have an ounce of jalapeno smell to it. And it only gets worse past the straw. That first sip yielded chocolate shake with a distinct jalapeno backdrop to it. The slight burn from the spiciness is almost immediately noticeable. The spicy burn, however, is more of an irritant to the back of the throat than the wonderful pain commonly associated with jalapeno peppers. It was pretty weird, but I kind of liked the burn.

The flavor is definitely… interesting. The jalapeno flavor is quite subdued, and the chocolate shake makes up the majority of the flavor profile. But things change drastically when you are unfortunate enough to sip up a small slice of jalapeno through the straw. Biting down on one of these is sure to revolt. The spicy, vinegary, jalapeno punch of flavor slices its way right through any other flavorings in this shake. It’s a bit of a shock, mostly in a bad way.


It was difficult to tell just how many jalapeno slices lurked in the cup, but stirring around a bit, I could tell that there were at least a few slices. To satisfy my curiosity, I washed out the rest of my shake, leaving just the jalapeno slices at the bottom. You can see that they didn’t hold back when it came to the quantity of jalapenos.


I like chocolate shakes, and I like jalapeno slices, but the two most certainly do not belong together. The majority of the “Taste” score comes from the fact that Sonic’s chocolate shake is one of the more decent fast food shakes out there. The only people that would like this shake are either adventurous or serious jalapeno lovers. If eating jalapenos slices doesn’t sound like a good time, I wouldn’t suggest this shake.

What do you think of the new shake? Have you tried it? Would you even consider trying it? Feel free to comment.

Taste: 4.5/10
Presentation: 7/10
Spiciness: 2/10, 3/10 if a jalapeno is bitten
Value: 9/10

Pros: The chocolate shake portion was decent, I kind of enjoyed the slight burn from drinking the shake, awesome half-price shake deal for the entire summer
Cons: Biting down on one of the jalapenos felt so out of place, hard to think of a more unholy shake flavor than this

Nutrition Facts

*unavailable, but probably similar to the small chocolate shake which I have listed below*
Calories: 670 / Calories from Fat: 280 / Total Fat: 31g / Sat. Fat: 23g / Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 100mg / Sodium: 330mg / Carbs: 89g / Dietary Fiber: 0g / Sugars: 56g / Protein: 8g

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.


  1. I would buy this to pull a prank on someone haha. It does sound interesting though…I just can’t handle jalapenos.

  2. Just had one tonight………
    ……………………………………… I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Discovered this at Sonic and just had to try it – I thought it was weird but good – some of the sliced jalapenos I could get through the straw, the rest I had to eat later. Ice cream in the shake cuts down the hotness of the peppers. I enjoy jalapenos anyway so this new combo was quite the treat.
    I will have this a few more times throughout the summer, that is for sure.

  4. I had one, and it’s like they didn’t even try. Unchopped slices at the bottom of the cup like it’s a retarded packet of yogurt. It tasted like a chocolate shake. The end.

  5. I expected fresh diced jalapenos. They used pickled! It was disgusting. We go through a huge jar of jalapenos every month in our house. Love them. But pickled in ice cream was beyond awful.

  6. What exactly does President Obama have to do with this post? Are you just being a racist thing thanks Obama like other people don’t have any idea what he’s about?

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