Review: Sonic Sweet Potato Tots

Sonic Sweet Potato TotsSonic has issued the return of their Sweet Potato Tots alongside their New Spicy Popcorn Chicken. Sonic is advertising the pair of items together as a “sweet and spicy” combo, alongside a Berry Spicy Sauce and a Creamy Chipotle Sauce. The Sweet Potato Tots are simply fried balls of chopped up sweet potatoes, and they are a bit pricier than their normal potato counterparts. I bought a medium sized order of tots for $3.49.

How Do They Taste?

The Sonic Sweet Potato Tots are a wondrous creation. If you’ve ever had sweet potato fries, then you should have an idea of what to expect from sweet potato tots. The tots have a nice crispy outer coating that keeps the tots from falling apart easily.

Sonic Sweet Potato Tots

The inside of the Sweet Potato Tots is chock full of chopped up sweet potato bits. The sweet potato on the inside is soft and warm, but has a slightly firmer texture than your standard potato tots. These tots have a slightly sweet flavor to them. They aren’t quite at a dessert level of sweetness, but they definitely qualify as a sweet item. The Sweet Potato Tots have a certain addictive quality to them, bringing to mind the Pringles slogan “once you pop, you can’t stop”. After the first bite I felt the compulsion to pop another one in my mouth.

I tried the new tots with Sonic’s two new dipping sauces: Berry Spicy and Creamy Chipotle. The Tots went surprisingly well with the Berry Spicy sauce, which tastes like a mix of boysenberry and jalapenos. The two levels of sweetness and the slight amount of heat complimented each other. The Creamy Chipotle, as with the Spicy Popcorn Chicken, wasn’t that great. I think the sauce just needs work, because it tasted like it was overloaded with sodium. It also was milder in heat than the Berry Spicy sauce.

Sonic Sweet Potato Tots


The Sonic Sweet Potato Tots are a unique addition to the Sonic menu. The tots are delicious and quite satisfying to eat. If you don’t find it too strange to eat a tot like object that is sweet, you should enjoy these tots. It’s also worth mentioning that these are slightly healthier for you. The Sweet Potato Tots get my recommendation.

The Score

Taste: 8/10
Presentation: 7.5/10

Pros: Slightly sweet and delicious, crispy outside
Cons: A little pricy, container wasn’t filled all the way up

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Nutrition Facts

Sonic Sweet Potato Tots (Medium)
Calories: 340 / Calories from Fat: 120 / Total Fat: 14g / Sat. Fat: 2.5g / Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg / Sodium: 510mg / Carbs: 52g / Fiber: 4g / Sugar: 24g / Protein: 3g

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  1. I want some sweet potato tots and some sweet fries no salt on them do you sell them????

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