Review: Sonic Cinnasnacks

Sonic has added a new Cinnasnacks dessert to their menu. The Cinnasnacks are fried pastries full of a cinnamon filling and are served with a container of cream cheese icing. I picked up an order of three Cinnasnacks for $2.49.

Sonic Cinnasnacks

How Do They Taste?

Sonic’s new Cinnasnacks might be the worst thing I’ve eaten in a while. And by worst, I mean bad for your health. Yes, fast food isn’t good for you blah blah, I get that. But the thing that makes these little pastries stick out is the fact that they are so small and deceitful. An innocent 3-piece Cinnasnacks with icing clocks in at 680 calories, 37g of fat, 12g of saturated fat, and an insane 3g of trans fat. The Cinnasnacks are officially the highest trans fat item I’ve eaten at a fast food joint. Now that I’ve scared you off from eating them, let me tell you how delicious they were.

The Cinnasnacks came in a small container similar to the ones Sonic uses for tater tots. It’s too bad the container didn’t help at all since the Cinnasnacks were all scattered at the bottom of my bag when the food got to me. It turns out that fitting 3 Cinnasnacks into the tiny container is a bit of an impossible task.

Sonic Cinnasnacks

The Cinnasnacks were what I would consider hot, but not enough so that it burned my tongue simply from eating them normally. I was particularly wary of the center filling, but it turned out to be an edible temperature. The Cinnasnacks taste just like a warm, sweet cinnamon roll in a fried, doughy pocket. The cinnamon filling was rich and delicious, and the pastry was flaky and fried.

While the Cinnasnacks were pretty good by themselves, the deliciousness level turned up to 11 when combined with the awesome cream cheese icing served with them. The difficult part is actually getting the icing from the container onto the Cinnasnacks without having them fall apart in your hand. See, the cream cheese icing appeared to be kept in cold storage, so it ended up turning into a hard block of icing. Managing to get icing onto the fairly soft Cinnasnacks proves to be quite awkward. Once cream cheese is applied to the Cinnasnack though, watch out, because your mouth will be in for an amazing creamy, cinnamon experience.

Sonic Cinnasnacks


Sonic’s new Cinnasnacks are so sinfully good that I felt almost guilty after eating them. The Cinnasnacks are warm and filled with an awesome cinnamon filling, and explode with flavor after being combined with the cream cheese icing. Logistically speaking, the packaging on these is terrible, but keeping track of three Cinnasnacks isn’t too difficult I suppose. I wish these weren’t so damn bad for you though. I highly recommend these, but they should be enjoyed sparingly. Your heart will thank you.

The Score

Taste: 9/10
Presentation: 4.5/10

Pros: Amazing cinnamon roll experience in a tiny pastry, warm and flaky, cream cheese icing
Cons: Terrible for you, terrible packaging, cream cheese icing was cold and hard

Nutrition Facts
Calories: 680
Calories from Fat: 330
Total Fat: 37g
Sat. Fat: 12g
Trans Fat: 3g
Cholesterol: 30mg
Sodium: 640mg
Carbs: 83g
Fiber: 2g
Sugar: 49g
Protein: 5g

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