Review: Sonic Blue Raspberry with Nerds Candy Slush

Sonic recently added a handful of new slushes to their already impressively long list of slushes. Among the most noteworthy of these are new NERDS Candy Slushes. I decided to review the Blue Raspberry Nerds Candy Slush since it seems to be the one most heavily advertised. The slush features Blue Raspberry slush and a generous portion of Nerds candies mixed right in.

Price: $1.39 Medium

Sonic Drive-In Blue Raspberry Nerds Candy Slush

I don’t normally drink slushes from Sonic since they are extremely high in sugar, but every once in a while I’ll go for their Cranberry slush (it is delicious!). I checked out the nutrition facts on Sonic’s website, and while the nutrition facts for the Blue Raspberry with Nerds Candy Slush wasn’t available, I scoped out the nutrition for the regular Blue Raspberry Slush. A medium comes in at 290 calories and a whopping 75g of sugar, so we can probably assume it is more or less the same in this particular slush.

The Blue Raspberry with Nerds Candy Slush is quite a fun drink to look at. Watching all of those helpless little Nerds suspended in the blue ocean-like slushy liquid. I probably enjoyed the visual aspect just as much as the taste of the slush.

Sonic Drive-In Blue Raspberry Nerds Candy Slush

The consistency of the slush was actually fairly soupy. It’s definitely more of a drink than a treat. There was still enough ice to keep the Nerds from all sinking to the bottom, however. The Nerds candies lose their color and outside coating extremely quickly, so by the time I photographed this slush, they had all turned into ghost-like versions of their usual brightly colored selves. It’s as if they all drowned in the slush and had turned into dead, floating corpses, and I just made this slush sound totally metal.

Sonic Drive-In Blue Raspberry Nerds Candy Slush

The sour and sweet flavor of the Nerds candies seeps into the rest of the slush and makes it a bit more sour than usual. Overall the shake was about equal parts sour and sweet, but both flavors were quite strong. Sucking up the Nerds candies was definitely the best part of the shake. They easily find their way through the straw, and the slush appears to soften them up, because they were chewed through quite easily. The overall flavor profile is undoubtedly that of sour blue raspberry with an injection of Nerds candy flavor.

Overall, fans of Nerds candies and slushes a bit more on the sour side will definitely like the Nerds Candy Slushes. It was a bit too sweet for me to drink the whole thing, but it wasn’t a bad little slush.

Taste: 7/10
Presentation: 8/10
Spiciness: 0/10
Value: 7/10

Pros: Nerds candy are an interesting add-in, nice on a hot summer day, Nerds didn’t clog the straw like I thought they would
Cons: A bit on the sweet side (75 grams of sugar in a regular-size blue raspberry slush)

Nutrition Facts

*Currently unavailable

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  1. hahaha “drowned in the slush and had turned into dead, floating corpses” hahaha too funny!

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