Review: McDonald’s Jalapeno Double

Hey guys, reporting in for a long-overdue review. This time it’s McDonald’s most recent addition to their value menu: The Jalapeno Double. This value burger features crispy and sliced jalapenos, ranch sauce, a slice of pasteurized white cheddar cheese, and two beef patties all on a standard bun.

Price: $2.00

Jalapeno Double from McDonald's

McDonald’s Jalapeno Double appeals to me in many different ways. I love spicy foods, eating on the cheap, salty foods, and burgers, and the Jalapeno Double appears to have all of those bases covered. It’s hard to find a better value than this for $2 in today’s world of dying dollar menus (although Taco Bell recently added a whole new menu of $1 items).

Jalapeno Double from McDonald's

The Jalapeno Double is about the same size as one of McDonald’s standard cheeseburgers, but this one happens to feature two of the very tiny beef patties. The toppings on the Jalapeno Double are definitely more interesting than McDonald’s typical cheeseburger toppings, however.

I enjoy jalapenos and spicy foods probably more than the average consumer, so I figured I was going to enjoy the Jalapeno Double with no problem (I like McDonald’s burgers and jalapenos, how could this go wrong?). Unfortunately, McDonald’s took the word “jalapeno” a bit too far. Most bites of this burger were overwhelmed by the vinegary flavor of the jalapeno slices. This wouldn’t have been a bad thing if there was something in the burger to absorb some of this flavor (like a larger beef patty), but since the jalapenos make up a large portion of this burger, the flavor is quite strong. The crispy jalapenos are slightly less spicy than the pickled slices, but they still pack some decent heat.

Jalapeno Double from McDonald's

The ranch, cheese, and beef patties all take a backseat to the flavor of the jalapenos. Luckily the ranch and the cheese help a bit with the cooling factor to offset the jalapeno spice. It wasn’t slap-yo-momma spicy, but it might throw the typical McDonald’s consumer off a bit (although why would you order a jalapeno burger if you didn’t expect some kind of spice)?

Jalapeno Double from McDonald's

The Jalapeno Double was still a tasty affair, but it could have been even tastier had the beef patty been more substantial (I’m thinking a quarter pounder patty would have been perfect). If you really like jalapenos or are in the mood for something from McDonald’s with some kick, this burger won’t disappoint.

Taste: 7/10
Presentation: 6.5/10
Spiciness: 4/10
Value: 9/10

Pros: Nice value, fairly spicy, nice combination of flavors on the cheap
Cons: Jalapeno flavor overpowering at times, obviously more beef would be appreciated (but this is a value burger after all).

Nutrition Facts
Calories: 430 / Calories from Fat: 210 / Total Fat: 23g / Sat. Fat: 9g / Trans Fat: 1g /
Cholesterol: 80mg / Sodium: 1030mg / Carbs: 35g / Dietary Fiber: 2g / Sugars: 6g / Protein: 22g

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.

One Comment

  1. Fair review. However, these patties are 1/10th Lb. EACH. (same size as the Big Mac and others) 2 patties X 1/10 =’s 2/10 of a lb. (1/4 Lb. is 2.5/10th) So, yes, a 1/4Lb patties a very tiny bit larger, it is not worth all the hoopla and repetitive dismay in your review.

    Now considering this burger is $2, YES $2! and Tastes absolutely AWESOME! I’d have to give it 10/10 for overall value and taste combined.
    I LOVE to combine 2 of these burgers (No Cheese) by adding the meat and condiments of the 2nd burger to the other burger, for colossal 4 patty (single bun, no cheese) Southwest style McYummy! I hope they keep this burger around forever!!! YUM!

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