Review: McDonald’s Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger

McDonald's Grilled Onion Cheddar BurgerMcDonald’s, in their latest attempt to string out their ever growing line of “grilled onion” products, has added the Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger to their Dollar Menu for a limited time only. Since it’s on the Dollar Menu, you can probably guess correctly that I picked this new burger up for the price of $1.00.

How Does it Taste?

McDonald’s must be seeing some decent sales numbers with their caramelized onion products, because they have dropped yet another one on us. The McDonald’s Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger is remarkably similar to one of their more recent releases, the Cheddar Bacon Onion Sandwiches. Take away the bacon and tangy sauce, and you have yourself a Grilled Cheddar Onion… oh and make the beef patty way, way smaller.

McDonald's Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger

The beef patties on the McDonald’s dollar menu hamburgers are so embarrassingly small, that they could barely fill up today’s hungry toddler. McDonald’s are aware of this fact, because I even saw my local McDonald’s menu sporting a package that included 2 Grilled Onion Cheddar Burgers, Medium Fries, and a Medium drink. However, even though the size of the patty is microscopically small, this burger can really hold its own.

McDonald's Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger

The onions somehow do the wonders of making a McDonald’s cheeseburger satisfying to eat. Unlike the Cheddar Bacon Onion sandwiches, this burger manages to pull off the onion flavor nicely, possibly due to the simplicity of the whole thing. The cheese is rather mild and more there for texture than anything. I think there was mayonnaise only as a sauce, and only a tiny squirt of it. I feared that being on the dollar menu I would only receive a few measly onions on the burger, but there was a generous portion of them on this budget burger.


I have to say I’m quite pleased with McDonald’s latest offering. The Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger is, in my opinion, much more than just a simple Dollar Menu item. This sandwich really stands on its own. I have yet to find grilled onions as tasty as the ones on this burger at any other fast food restaurant. The burger might be small, but it is really tasty. I highly recommend the new Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger!

The Score

Taste: 8.5/10
Presentation: 6.5/10

Pros: Nice onion flavor, simple but effective, awesome burger for only $1
Cons: Very small beef patty, cheese is pretty bland

Check out the “Dollar Menu Camp” commercial for McDonald’s Grilled Onion Cheddar and New Dollar Menu:

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Nutrition Facts

Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger
Calories: 310
Calories from Fat: 120
Total Fat: 13g
Sat. Fat: 6g
Trans Fat: 0.5g
Cholesterol: 40mg
Sodium: 660mg
Carbs: 33g
Fiber: 2g
Sugar: 7g
Protein: 15g

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