Review: McDonald’s Double Filet-O-Fish

The Double Filet-O-Fish is a heftier take on the classic Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s. The sandwich features the steamed bun, tartar sauce, and slice of pasteurized process American cheese like its smaller counterpart, but this one features an extra fish patty. It’s usually only around for the earlier part of the year (during fish season).

Price: $3.89

Double Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's

Added in 1962, the Filet-O-Fish was the first non-hamburger item ever added to the McDonald’s menu. Since then, the Filet-O-Fish has gone through virtually no changes. About the only changes ever made to this iconic sandwich was the recent switching to sustainably-fished Pollock back in early 2013, and the addition of a second fish patty which created the amazing Double Filet-O-Fish.

Double Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's

The Filet-O-Fish has it’s fair share of complaints from lovers and haters alike, the main ones being “it’s too small”, “it’s not filling enough”, and “there’s not enough fish”. The Double Filet-O-Fish addresses all of the above concerns and elevates the Filet-O-Fish to levels of deliciousness only those that have tried it will understand.

People tend to either love or hate McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, and I’m in the love boat. See, even though I agree with all of the previously outlined concerns, I can’t deny that the sandwich is pretty tasty. Being over $3 for the single-patty version, it is rather expensive given the size of the sandwich. But for just shy of $4, the Double Filet-O-Fish is an amazing deal for lovers of this sandwich.

Double Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's

The sandwich sat fairly tall on its double-stacked fish patties. Although slightly lacking in the width department, this sandwich nearly reaches the sky with its height. The sandwich was quite sturdy, and held together incredibly well thanks to the melted slice of American cheese between the two fish patties and the tartar sauce on the top bun.

The first bite of this thing had me sold. Anything you may have liked about the Filet-O-Fish previously is amplified here. The sandwich indeed has a fishy flavor, but less fishy than other fast food fish sandwiches I’ve tried. The fish patty is moist, flaky, and borderline mushy, but the fried coating keeps everything right where it needs to be.

Double Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's

The tartar sauce was generously applied to this thing, and some people say it’s the best part of the sandwich. The tartar sauce spilled out and down the middle after a few bites, but no drop of tartar sauce was too much here. Some places make their tartar sauce with too much pickle or dill, but McDonald’s has found a great ratio in the tartar sauce for this sandwich.

Double Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's

While a regular Filet-O-Fish would leave me hungrier than I am 30 minutes after an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, the Double Filet-O-Fish managed to satiate me. I only wish this was the standard menu item, because I’d definitely order it more often than I do the single-patty version.

Overall McDonald’s Double Filet-O-Fish sandwich might just be my favorite fast food fish sandwich, and at $3.89, it’s not a bad deal either. But now we must part ways… until next year.

Taste: 8.5/10
Presentation: 8/10
Spiciness: 0/10
Value: 7.5/10

Pros: Double the fish patty goodness, plenty of delicious tartar sauce, slice of cheese keeps the patties together
Cons: People love it or hate it, tons of tartar sauce made it slightly messy, the regular Filet-O-Fish should always come with this much fish.

Nutrition Facts

Calories: 540 / Calories from Fat: 240 / Total Fat: 26g / Sat. Fat: 6g / Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 75mg / Sodium: 830mg / Carbs: 49g / Dietary Fiber: 2g / Sugars: 5g / Protein: 25g

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.


  1. Dang….I think I have to go to mcdonalds now literally…didnt even know this existed.

  2. I’m from India and happen to be an enthusiastic purveyor of Western cuisine in the land of curries. I like to begin my day with a plateful of steaks, bacon, eggs, and pancakes, washed with light beer. The quality of beef and pork in India isn’t much to write home about, but there are a number of fine dining restaurants that compensate by importing their meats from Thailand, Australia and New Zealand (of which, the lamb is very popular). The only downside, these dishes are very expensive to order. But, I do spend a lot of money on quality food. That’s when they deserve an occasional spend.

    What I hate though is all these American fast food outlets in India. They are selling overpriced junk to unwary Indian customers who aren’t getting the real deal in terms of quality, and it makes me mad that Indian regulatory authorities don’t intervene to protect consumers. The fish-o-fillet by McDonald’s is by far the worst culprit, it masquerades as an entree encapsulating the health benefits of fish but is nothing but junk food. It really belongs in the dustbin, not a human stomach. I have been spending a lot of money on these disgusting fish sandwiches. Not any more. I will now boycott McDonald’s India for the crime of palming off overrated global delicacies to an unsuspecting Indian customer who don’t know any better. McDonald’s India, I hope you read this. I was one of your most enthusiastic customers Now, I won’t spend a rupee on your outlets.

    I have been to over 16 countries. In many of these places, McDonald’s carry some healthy options such as apple slices, coleslaw or collard greens. I used to often combine a simple cheeseburger with these healthy sides to make a delicious meal. In India, McDonald’s is hell-bent on peddling the crappiest junk food with no restrictions on advertisement. Indian customers deserve much better. Both in terms of quantity (McDonald’s meals are not really portioned to feed a hungry man except loading his arteries with fats and sugar) and quality. McDonald’s is treating Indian customers shabbily.

    There are a few Burger KIng’s Outlets in India. Their burgers and fries are much better than McDonald’s. Unfortunately, they are also in the business of robbing the Indian customer. The portion sizes are very small. Ordering a plate of medium fries means you get exactly 15 fries or something.

    Pizza Hut and Domino’s in India are actually the worst. The pizzas are rarely if ever fresh. There are some family run pizza outlets in India that do much a better job in recreating the original Italian pizza styles. Far more delicious than Pizza Hut and Domino’s. The sides, such as chicken wings and stuffed tacos are very expensive. Not at all worth it. I haven’t eaten in a Pizza Hut or Domino’s in over a year. Good riddance.

    KFC in India is the only fast food outlet which hasn’t deviated a lot from their original American recipes, and offerings. Except the Colonel’s original chicken has been phased out, mostly due to lack of popular demand. We do get the extra crispy and grilled chicken options. I do like fried chicken occasionally. Recently, they have introduced something called “Nashville fried chicken” which has a unique reddish brown colour. The only downside, it’s way overpriced for what chicken should be. KFC in India has jumped on the bandwagon of ripping the Indian customers off. There aren’t too many sides as options. When you order grilled chicken at a KFC in India, they only serve you the drumsticks. I don’t like them that much but I do love the way they have been grilled. In fact, if you’re not careful about your order, KFC outlets in India try to avoid giving you the breast piece, or thighs even. They will charge you a lot of money and pass off the drumsticks as much as they can. You really have to shout at them to serve you a better chicken. Also, KFCs in India do not carry international sides such as chicken pot pie, greens, corn-on-the-cob etc. Fuck them. And fuck KFC in India. I’d still eat there occasionally but that’s when I’m really craving fried chicken. Otherwise, Indian cuisine does chicken way better. Tandoori chicken skewers are to die for. KFC cannot hold a candle to chicken tikka, kebabs, boti and other dishes that India has to offer.

    Basically all US food chain outlets in India suck. And I’ve been eating there ever since they came to this country. The quality has gone downhill, and the prices are going up every three months or so. Fuck them.

    Subways in India are the only outlets that deserve my money. Though I hated the fact that they discontinued my favorite meatball marinara sandwich. Still they have a nice sub of the day option which include Turkey and chicken ham, Tuna and Chicken Teriyaki. The Italian BMT sandwich hits the spot sometimes as it combines lamb pepperoni and lamb salami with chicken ham. The only reason I don’t eat at Subway’s anymore is because the outlet close to the office where I work, is staffed with complete dickheads. They mess up my order every time. When I tell them to provide more of tomatoes, cucumbers and olives, and less of dill pickles and jalapenos, they just don’t follow it through. Subway’s advertises itself as a place where you can load your veggies however you want. And these douchebags don’t want to provide a few extra slices of tomatoes. Plus, their credit card machines often don’t work. I just decided to chuck this outlet altogether. I will never eat there again even if I’m really, really hungry. You don’t treat your customers like dispensable.

    Really, US fast food outlets in India should be run and managed better than they presently are. We now have Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are serving overpriced junk, and the quality is really nothing great. More and more Indian customers are wisening up to the shadowy practices of these multinational corporations. Guess what, dickheads. The more you treat us as third world consumers, the less you will see our money.

    I celebrated my birthday last week. I took a group of 12 people to a popular restobar. En route, we had to stop at McDonald’s. I told them to rush it before anyone could spend anything, and none of us had spent a dime in that stupid outlet. Fuck McDonald’s. Fuck USA. Fuck White people. (OK, I didn’t really mean the last two).

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