Review: McDonald’s Deluxe Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s replacement for their now extinct Angus Deluxe burger is the Deluxe Quarter Pounder. The Deluxe Quarter Pounder features a 1/4 lb beef patty, American cheese, leaf lettuce, red onion, tomato, crinkle-cut pickles, mustard, and mayonnaise on a bakery-style bun. I purchased one of the new Quarter Pounders for $3.99.

How Does It Taste?

McDonald's Deluxe Quarter Pounder

The Deluxe Quarter Pounder is perhaps the most normal looking burger available at McDonald’s now. It features your standard burger toppings, a single 1/4 lb beef patty, and American cheese. Most “burgers” on McDonald’s menu I can’t really consider burgers, but this one I might be able to make an excuse for.

I was a fan of the old Angus Deluxe burger, although I didn’t order it often due to the insane nutrition facts on it and the higher price tag. The Angus Deluxe was pretty good, although it had a few problems. Unfortunately, all of those problems have carried over into the new Deluxe Quarter Pounder (minus the excessive saltiness).

McDonald's Deluxe Quarter Pounder

The Deluxe Quarter Pounder is the most mayonnaise heavy sandwich I’ve ever eaten. It appeared to be squirted out of a bottle onto a single spot on the burger without any kind of spreading taking place. I have seen similar results on McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich. There is so much mayonnaise on this burger that it is actually sickening. Removing some of the mayonnaise is a quick fix, but it feels ridiculous that they had to add so much in the first place.

The Quarter Pounder patty isn’t the best patty to use with all of the added ingredients. Sure, it’s McDonald’s meatier patty, and it does have a slight juiciness going on, but the patty doesn’t have enough thickness nor flavor to really break ahead of the flavors of the other ingredients.

McDonald's Deluxe Quarter Pounder

The produce on the Deluxe Quarter Pounder is among the best that I’ve seen at McDonald’s. Those familiar with the Angus Deluxe will recognize the use of the exact same toppings. I love the pickles, lettuce, and tomato, but the onions were a bit strong for my liking. This isn’t exactly a McDonald’s exclusive problem, but some places manage to get it right and not go overboard with the onions. The slivered onions featured on the Original Quarter Pounder are more palatable for me.


McDonald’s Deluxe Quarter Pounder is no improvement over the Angus Deluxe, but actually a small step back in my opinion. The ingredients worked better with the Angus patty even though the Angus patty was very salty. They put an excessive amount of mayonnaise on my burger and the onions tasted a bit out of place. Overall this was just an okay burger that doesn’t really excel at anything (except for the overuse of mayonnaise). The Deluxe Quarter Pounder is an adequate replacement for the Angus Deluxe, but I’d much prefer the Original Quarter Pounder.

The Score

Taste: 6.5/10
Presentation: 8.5/10

Pros: Probably the most normal burger McDonald’s has on the menu right now, does a decent job of replacing the Angus Deluxe
Cons: Most mayonnaise I’ve ever seen on a burger, patty difficult to taste under all the ingredients, onions didn’t do the burger any favors

Nutrition Facts

McDonald’s Deluxe Quarter Pounder
Calories: 540
Calories from Fat: 250
Total Fat: 27g
Sat. Fat: 11g
Trans Fat: 1.5g
Cholesterol: 85mg
Sodium: 960mg
Carbs: 45g
Dietary Fiber: 3g
Sugars: 9g
Protein: 29g

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  1. this really is not new, except the mustard.. years ago when the $$menu started, this called a qtr pounder with lettuce and tomato, it is the mcdlt, but just not the hot side cold side package, then later in the lite 90s or even a little later, they had the big n tasty.. then later on to the angus burger, the qtr pounders, then lately the sirloin burgers.

  2. I order it with extra mayo, but that’s just me. They can do it without mayo if u ask. And who cares about nutritional content? I sure dont

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