Review: McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Burger

McDonald’s has been on a roll lately when it comes to offering more “premium” menu items, and their latest entry in that category is the Bacon Clubhouse Burger (also available as a Bacon Clubhouse Chicken Sandwich). Featuring a Quarter Pounder beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pasteurized white cheddar, bacon strips, caramelized onions, and Big Mac sauce all on a new artisan roll, the Bacon Clubhouse Burger might be one of the most interesting burgers McDonald’s has ever offered in America.

Price: $4.99

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Burger

McDonald’s is famous for two things: their amazingly delicious french fries and the iconic Big Mac. While I’ve never thought the Big Mac was the greatest burger out there, it is a unique offering primarily due to the tasty Big Mac sauce they use. When I heard that McDonald’s was going to offer a new premium burger with the very same sauce, I was more than excited.

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Burger

The Bacon Clubhouse Burger sat there looking all pretty and shiny (seriously, look at that top bun) in its specially marked Bacon Clubhouse box, but looking pretty isn’t very important in the fast food world. It’s the flavor that does the real talking, which I’m sure you’ll want to hear about.

I found the Bacon Clubhouse Burger to be a bit of a mess (more figuratively than literally). There are so many ingredients on the burger that I can’t quite pinpoint what McDonald’s was going for here. For starters, the dopes at McDonald’s didn’t even properly apply the Big Mac sauce, which left about 90% of the entire burger sauceless. For sake of accuracy, I spread the sauce evenly on both buns (yes, the sauce is applied to the top and bottom bun).

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Burger

While the Big Mac sauce basically makes the Big Mac what it is, it didn’t work out very well on the Bacon Clubhouse Burger. For starters, it didn’t hold the same potency it does on the Big Mac due to the vast combination of flavors. I also think the mammoth tomato slice had a good part in detracting from the flavor of the sauce (the thing had to be half an inch thick).

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Burger

I’m happy that McDonald’s kept their caramelized onions around, featuring it on quite a few sandwiches by now, but they too suffered from being smothered under too many flavors. About the only flavors that really stood out on this thing were the lightly seasoned beef patty, Big Mac sauce, and bacon.

McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Burger

McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Burger, while a disappointment, wasn’t a terrible burger. I did enjoy experiencing the secret Big Mac sauce in a different context, and I definitely have been turned into a fan of the artisan roll used here. The main flaw of this burger is that it doesn’t even know its own identity. Does it want to be a Big Mac, a Deluxe Quarter Pounder, or a Cheddar Bacon Onion Burger? I think McDonald’s tried too hard with this one. The Big Mac sauce should just stay on the Big Mac.

Taste: 7/10
Presentation: 8.5/10
Spiciness: 0/10
Value: 7/10

Pros: Very nice bun, lots of interesting ingredients, first burger besides the Big Mac to feature the Big Mac sauce
Cons: Has a bit too much going on, Big Mac sauce is better on a Big Mac, didn’t really dig the bacon

Nutrition Facts

Calories: 720 / Calories from Fat: 360 / Total Fat: 40g / Sat. Fat: 15g / Trans Fat: 1.5g
Cholesterol: 115mg / Sodium: 1470mg / Carbs: 51g / Dietary Fiber: 4g / Sugars: 14g / Protein: 39g

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.


  1. Calling mcdoanlds people dopes? id like to see you work kitchen when there are orders all over the screen and make every single burger PERFECT. Bitch move dawg.

    • I understand it probably gets hectic at peak hours, but I was the only guy in the drive thru when I ordered this. So I doubt there were orders “all over the screen”.

    • If making a sandwich is your idea of complicated work that couldn’t be done under pressure, then good luck with your future, dawg.

  2. This burger looks like it has a lot going on. I think the Big Mac is great its just too dam small.

  3. I somewhat agree with your critique, but I was definitely less impressed. Could barely even taste the Big Mac sauce which, by the way, was only on top. They might as well have left the caramelized onions off because there was hardly any and I couldn’t taste them anyways. So it was basically a dry beef patty, dry bacon, lettuce, tomato, and just a little sauce on a bun. Very dry and very bland. Definitely will not order again.

  4. Wife and I both got the bacon clubhouse and had no onions on it. It was very bland and boring with wilted lettuce and a tiny bit of sauce right in the middle.
    We haven’t been back since.

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