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KFC released their Double Down a few years ago, and they have recently resurrected this oily, gluttonous beast from its grave. The fabled Double Down uses two slabs of chicken as the buns, and is filled with bacon strips, two slices of monterey jack cheese, and a secret colonel’s sauce. Like the first time, this will be available for a limited time only.

Price: $5.95

Double Down

I missed the Double Down on its first run, so I definitely couldn’t miss out on the chance to finally try it (and review it for my readers).

KFC’s Double Down is apparently made to order (as I was told by the cashier), so I had to wait 7 minutes for it to be cooked. While I’m thankful that I didn’t get an old, already made Double Down, I had to wait a little while for it to cool enough to pick up and eat due to the near scalding hot temperatures.

Double Down

To me, the Double Down represents all that is wrong (or right?) with America. It is a gluttonous sandwich, and it doesn’t give a sh*t what anyone thinks. People already associate fried chicken with unhealthy eating, but the folks at KFC asked themselves how they could possibly make it even more heart-stopping. Why, by adding two slices of cheese, enough strips of bacon to cover the sandwich, and a nice helping of a mayonnaise-based sauce.

Double Down

Although I pretty much knew what to expect from the Double Down, the sheer amount of chicken meat to bite through was a bit of a shock. The chicken was adequately juicy and well seasoned with the famous blend of herbs and spices that I’m sure not even the NSA knows. As much as I love the Colonel’s chicken, the quantity here was a bit much even for me.

Double Down

The inner portion of the Double Down was a sea of fatty and salty flavors. The cheese melted down to a cheesy goop, the special sauce covered most of the sandwich, and the bacon provided significant coverage. The bacon was about what you’d expect from fast food bacon (a little flimsy, but still tastes good). The Colonel’s sauce was more of a tangy special sauce than a sweet special sauce. It tasted a bit like a thousand island dressing mixed with a small amount of Dijon mustard.

Double Down

While you can’t go wrong with fat and salt, the Double Down took both to ridiculous levels that made me feel guilty while eating it, although the nutrition facts show that it’s about on par with many fast food sandwiches out there. The Double Down tasted pretty good, of course, but I can’t see myself ordering it again (unless it comes back around at a later date). It’s definitely worth a try at least once.

Taste: 7.5/10
Presentation: 7/10
Spiciness: 1/10
Value: 4/10

Pros: Plenty of protein, no shortage of bacon and cheese, the secret sauce was more tangy than sweet
Cons: Probably not good to eat every day, made to order so I had to wait 7 minutes, seems a bit overpriced

Nutrition Facts

Calories: 540 / Calories from Fat: 290 / Total Fat: 32g / Sat. Fat: 10g / Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 145mg / Sodium: 1380mg / Carbs: 11g / Dietary Fiber: 1g / Sugars: 1g / Protein: 53g

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