Review: Jack in the Box Hot Mess Burger

Jack in the Box Hot Mess BurgerJack in the Box has added a few 80’s inspired items to their menu. There’s the Hot Cinnamon Shake, the Hot Mess Wedges, and the Hot Mess Burger. The Jack in the Box Hot Mess Burger consists of a 100% beef patty, a “gooey” pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and onion rings all wedged between sourdough bread. I have to say I’m in love with the name for this burger. It is definitely one of the best names I’ve seen for a fast food item. I picked up a Hot Mess Burger for $4.29.

How Does it Taste?

Given the name, I expected the Hot Mess Burger to be really messy, but it actually held up fairly well. However, if they added any more cheese sauce it would have been a different story. The Hot Mess Burger was really tasty. The jalapenos added a nice amount of heat to the burger and there was some jalapeno in every bite. I’d say Jack in the Box’s jalapenos are pretty standard heatwise, maybe slightly spicier than your average fast food jalapeno.

Jack in the Box Hot Mess Burger

The beef patty was pretty much what is expected from Jack in the Box – it has a decent flavor and thickness, but doesn’t excel in any particular area. The sourdough bread was an excellent choice for this burger. I love Jack in the Box’s sourdough bread and firmly believe it could make any of their burgers better. It has yummy sourdough flavor and is firm without being too hard to the point of scraping the roof of your mouth.

The cheese sauce was the real interesting part of this burger. It wasn’t melted cheese, but it almost had the consistency of a thick mayonnaise. It added a much needed moistness to every bite of the Hot Mess Burger. Although it’s pepper jack cheese, it didn’t add any noticeable heat to the burger, probably because the jalapenos dominate the flavor of the sandwich.

Jack in the Box Hot Mess Burger

The flavor of the onion rings, while overshadowed by the jalapenos, still came through. One of the onion rings on my Hot Mess Burger turned out alright, but the other one was a little overcooked and crunchy. The onion rings were a nice final touch to the Hot Mess Burger.


The Jack in the Box Hot Mess Burger is a burger that is full of jalapeno and cheese flavor. Every bite of this sandwich is filled with both. This burger bites back a little with the spiciness of the jalapenos. The burger wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be, but it had the potential with the addition of any more cheese. Overall I’d say this burger rocks. If this was a regular menu item I’d definitely be ordering it again.

Also, I was given a temporary tattoo with my order and apparently if it is worn on the next visit the order is upgraded to a small combo for free. Is that the greatest concept for a coupon ever or what?

Link to the Hot Mess Burger page (there is a $1 off coupon halfway down the page)

The Score

Taste: 8.5/10
Presentation: 5/10

Pros: Spicy and cheesy, best burger name ever, satisfying to eat, awesome tattoo coupon
Cons: There was a crunchy onion ring on my burger, nutrition facts, limited time only

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Nutrition Facts

Hot Mess Burger
Calories: 846
Calories from Fat: 528
Total Fat: 59g
Sat. Fat: 20g
Trans Fat: 2g
Cholesterol: 108mg
Sodium: 1201mg
Carbs: 49g
Fiber: 3g
Sugar: 6g
Protein: 34g

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Taylor Tamblin

Taylor is a food lover, rock guitar player, programmer, and runs the fast food review website Man Reviews Food.


  1. I had this burger last night and after this nasty ass pile of shit digested I spent the next five hours farting some of the most devestating gas the world has every known. My poor girlfriend got light headed from the sheer terror I released as a reault of this shitty ass burger. My stomach bubbled and turned even after get this three seperate shits. As a matter of fact after my third shit is really when the gas got flowing. My poor girlfriend being the champ she is hung in there based purley on love. Then she asked what I ate to which I replied the same thing that is in my now baby diaper underwear the hot mess. Literally my underwear is now a baby diaper. Fuck you jack in a box and the shit horse you rode in on my asshole will never be the same.

  2. I only managed to eat half of this and ended up giving my girlfriend the rest to finish since she can stomach spicy and cheesy stuff better than me. The first couple bites were ok but after that, made me sick. On the plus side, we also ordered a hot cinnamon shake to share and it was awesome.

  3. This is the type of burger for me to try once and won’t eat again. The price is quite expensive for me for fast food.

  4. I have had the hot mess burger to times and my i say I love it it completely took over as my new fav. Burger at jack in the box. I have never had any stomach problems with this burger , I guess some people just have different ways to handle there food tummy wise.

  5. THIS was indeed the best of the best burgs iv ever had. of course nothing beats the kobes burgs but this was quite the close.

  6. my sister and I ordered this buger as the picture and ingredients looked like it would be good. NOT ! NOT ! NOT !
    Yuck and you should take it from the menu.
    The advertised cheeses were a glop of thick hot mayonaise.
    Would NEVER recomend this sandwich to anyone !

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