Review: Jack in the Box Big Waffle Stack

As part of Jack in the Box’s latest offerings, the chain has released a new Big Waffle Stack breakfast sandwich. This hearty little sandwich is loaded with two fried eggs, bacon, ham, a sausage patty, and American cheese all between two lightly sweetened maple waffles. I purchased one for a fair $3.39.

How Does It Taste?

Jack in the Box Big Waffle Stack

Jack in the Box’s Big Waffle Stack is perhaps the meatiest and heartiest breakfast sandwich that I have ever had the pleasure of eating. This sandwich looks to be a fairly modest size when viewed in its wrapper, but once you hold it in your hands, the true weight of the sandwich is apparent. This is definitely a manly sandwich.

The Big Waffle Stack is extremely similar to the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich the chain offered last year (also one of my earliest reviews on the site). The main difference between the two is that the Big Waffle Stack is contained between two sweetened waffles while the previous sandwich was on sourdough bread.

Jack in the Box Big Waffle Stack

I wasn’t too surprised that I enjoyed the Big Waffle Stack. I am a huge breakfast fan, and I also loved the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich. The amount of meat and egg in this sandwich makes every bite feel like a mouthful. The sodium content on this thing is high, but for an apparent reason: three types of pig. The sandwich wasn’t incredibly salty, but I feel like removing the bacon would have balanced this sandwich out just enough. The bacon added a nice crispiness to the sandwich, but I don’t feel like I’d be missing much if it was gone.

Jack in the Box Big Waffle Stack

The sausage, unsurprisingly, was the most dominant of the meat products on this sandwich. The bacon added mostly saltiness and crunch, and the ham was pretty much a nonentity. I appreciate the inclusion of all three though, because I am a hungry man that needs protein! Not many breakfast sandwiches can say that they have three types of pork on them either.

The best part of this sandwich was definitely the two maple waffles holding the thing together. Similar to McDonald’s McGriddles, the waffles are slightly sweet with a maple syrup flavor. Taking a bite out of the waffle itself, I wasn’t overwhelmed with sweetness. In fact, the entire sandwich only contains 7g of sugar.

Jack in the Box Big Waffle Stack

When eaten with the entire sandwich, the waffles provide a mild maple syrup note at the end of every bite. The result is a sweet and savory combination that I found quite irresistible.


Jack in the Box’s Big Waffle Stack didn’t disappoint. The amount of meat and egg on this bad boy is enough to satisfy even the heartiest of breakfast appetites. I didn’t even need a side dish to become full after eating the Big Waffle Stack. The maple waffles were the star of the show here and added a mild, but delicious maple syrup flavor to the sandwich. I thought the sandwich could have done without the bacon in order to bring down the overall saltiness, but I still walked away very pleased with this sandwich.

The Score

Taste: 9/10
Presentation: 7.5/10

Pros: Maple syrup waffles, hearty and hefty sandwich, tons of protein, like an entire breakfast in one sandwich
Cons: A tad bit salty (surprised?)

Nutrition Facts

Jack in the Box Big Waffle Stack
Calories: 655
Calories from Fat: 416
Total Fat: 46g
Sat. Fat: 16g
Trans Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 520mg
Sodium: 1717mg
Carbs: 26g
Dietary Fiber: 1g
Sugars: 7g
Protein: 33g

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