Review: Jack in the Box Big Stack

Jack in the Box’s latest limited-time offering is the Big Stack. Jack’s Big Stack is advertised as being really big, and is aimed at the consumer with a hearty appetite. The new burger contains two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, two onion rings, two pickle slices, mustard and a mayo-onion sauce all on sourdough bread. I purchased one of the new burgers for $4.29.

How Does It Taste?

Jack in the Box Big Stack

Jack in the Box isn’t known for being the healthiest of fast food joints and the new Big Stack continues that trend. The burger contains an impressive calorie count and fat content, but if you were considering ordering this burger, you threw health expectations out the window well beforehand. While the burger is advertised as being “really big”, it wasn’t exactly huge, but it was indeed a very solid burger.

Jack in the Box Big Stack

The Big Stack at a glimpse doesn’t appear to be too spectacular, but the combined flavors of the ingredients make for a unique taste that I’m surprised I haven’t found at other burger joints yet. The ingredients that lend to the characteristic taste of the Big Stack are the pickle slices and the mustard. These two ingredients provide a sharp tang as a contrast to the saltiness of the beef patties and American cheese. The mustard and mayo-onion sauce were added with restraint and the two pickle slices were just enough to lend a mild pickle flavor throughout.

Jack in the Box Big Stack

The beef patties on my Big Stack were better than I remember having at Jack in the Box in the past. The patties were hot, juicy, and I could taste whatever seasoning they used which I’m pretty sure consisted of 90% pepper. The pepper was clearly visible in the patty.

The onion rings threw me for a bit of a loop. I expected that they would add a nice onion kick to the burger, but they went largely unnoticed. The paper thin onions in a huge casing of batter didn’t add much of anything to the burger, not even texture due to the batter of the onion rings becoming soggy when introduced to the heat and moisture of the burger.

Jack in the Box Big Stack

Jack’s sourdough bread was exceptionally buttery here, but it held up well as usual. The bread is solid but not hard. The sourdough probably made the big stack 10x better than if they used a regular old sesame seed bun.


The Jack in the Box Big Stack is a tasty burger with a unique combination of ingredients. The pickles and mustard alone added something wonderful to this meaty and salty burger. I couldn’t taste the onion rings at all, and I thought the mayo-onion sauce was simply mayonnaise at the time of eating this burger. Overall this was a great fast food burger. It wasn’t quite as awesome as the previous Hot Mess Burger from Jack in the Box, but it was still pretty tasty. This burger comes highly recommended.

Also, be sure to print out this coupon for $1 off the Big Stack (valid thru 7/31/13).

The Score

Taste: 8/10
Presentation: 7/10

Pros: A thick and filling burger, tang of the pickles and mustard worked very well, plenty of beef and cheese
Cons: Onion rings did little for the burger, not exactly huge as suggested by the ads, the pickles and mustard might ruin the burger for some, not the healthiest fast food burger (surprise?)

Nutrition Facts

Jack in the Box Big Stack
Calories: 925
Calories from Fat: 546
Total Fat: 61g
Sat. Fat: 22g
Trans Fat: 3g
Cholesterol: 138mg
Sodium: 2086mg
Carbs: 46g
Dietary Fiber: 4g
Sugars: 6g
Protein: 49g

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