Review: Arby’s Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake

Well it looks like it’s mint season in March, as this is my third mint post in a row. Arby’s has added yet another “swirl shake” to their menu, the Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake. The Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake is a mint chocolate shake featuring a defining chocolate swirl in the cup, topped with whipped cream and Andes mint pieces. I purchased a 20 oz. Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake for $2.59.

Arby's Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake

How Does it Taste?

I was really excited for the Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake, probably more excited than I should have been. I love mint ice cream, and I love the combination of mint and chocolate, but I’ve never tried a mint chocolate shake. After trying this shake, I can say that Arby’s is now on a track record of success with their “swirl” shakes.

The Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake was just heavenly. It was a bit different than I anticipated, as I was expecting a real in-your-face strong mint flavor similar to the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, but I instead was met with a very noticeable chocolate flavor with a nice minty note. This shake had more of a velvety flavor to it than a cool mint flavor. It’s easiest to describe the flavor as about a 50/50 chocolate to mint ratio. The chocolate and mint more represented the teamwork of Batman and Robin than the Penn and Teller kind of duo I envisioned.

Arby's Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake

I also have to compliment the presentation of this shake. Similar to the Peppermint Stick Swirl Shake Arby’s carried in December, this shake features an elegant swirl inside the cup. The shake is also topped with pieces of Andes mints. Yes Andes, the little chocolate-mint squares you get at the end of a meal in restaurants. The ones that don’t really freshen your breath at all, and the ones that leave a nice gooey mess all over that iPhone in your pocket when you “save it for later”.

Similar to the Andes mints, I didn’t feel like this shake was freshening my breath at all, but damn was it good! The other thing about this shake is that it doesn’t really leave you with much of that cool minty tingle that mint ice cream usually does. The shake may be green, but it definitely is a chocolate mint shake. This may leave those expecting a strong mint shake disappointed, but even though it wasn’t as minty as I had hoped, the shake regained my interest in it with the creamy chocolate component.

Arby's Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake

20 ounces is a lot of milkshake, and this shake left me quite full by the end of it. It would be a Herculean task for anybody to finish this shake with a meal, as I barely finished it by itself.


The Arby’s Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake adds another success to the line of Arby’s swirl shakes. This is definitely not a mint shake by default. It is as much of a mint shake as it is a chocolate shake. Fans of mint, chocolate, or Andes mints should fall in love with this shake. This shake gets my recommendation.

The Score

Taste: 9/10
Presentation: 9.5/10

Pros: Nice ratio of chocolate to mint flavor, pretty shake.
Cons: Won’t freshen your breath, maybe not as minty as some would hope.

Nutrition Facts

Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake
Calories: 750
Calories from Fat: 230
Total Fat: 26g
Sat. Fat: 18g
Trans Fat: 0.5g
Cholesterol: 65mg
Sodium: 450mg
Carbs: 119g
Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 99g
Protein: 16g

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  1. My husband and I had their turkey and cheddar. I would never ever order it again. Mostly all bread,just was not impressed. I would NOT recommend it to anyone.

  2. How can they offer a large Mint Chocolate Swirl Shake and not have any chocolate? Its only the mint ice cream .

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