Review: Burger King Gingerbread Cookie Shake

Burger King has released three new items for the holiday season.  These include the Gingerbread Cookie Shake, Gingerbread Cookie Sundae, and Cinnabon Minibon Rolls.  Burger King recently announced a partnership with Cinnabon, and it looks like this is just the first of the chain’s Cinnabon offerings.

New Gingerbread Cookie Shake and Sundae

The Gingerbread Cookie Shake is basically your standard Burger King milkshake: vanilla soft serve ice cream combined with a flavored syrup, only it features a new gingerbread syrup.

How Does it Taste?

The first sip of the BK Gingerbread Cookie Shake took quite some effort to achieve.  This milkshake was thick.  After a bout of intense sucking, I finally managed to sample some of the new milkshake.  The taste was quite pleasant.  It was definitely a gingerbread flavor, no mistake about it.  I was rather pleased, as I wasn’t expecting them to nail the flavor like they did.  However, after a couple more sips on the gingerbread shake, the experience started to go downhill.

The gingerbread flavor of the milkshake slowly gained strength with every sip.  It was as if the flavor was accumulating in the back of my throat.  It quickly turned from a wonderful hint of gingerbread to a gingerbread house of horror.  Less than halfway through the shake (and I ordered the 12 oz. small size) I found myself overwhelmed with syrup flavor.  It was very sweet, I mean incredibly sweet.  I just couldn’t continue to finish the shake due to the intense sweetness that was gathering in my mouth.  It even began to taste like there was a hint of cola in the shake the longer I drank it.  What?  Seriously, the only way I would have been able to finish it was if I had a glass of water to go along with it.


I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to turn out well, due to my severe dislike for Burger King’s milkshakes, and it turns out that feeling was correct.  The Gingerbread Cookie Shake suffers from the same flaws of the standard BK milkshakes, the syrups are far too strong and sweet.  If you truly feel the need to try this new shake, don’t get a size larger than the small, which I thought should have been branded a medium.  I don’t recommend this milkshake.

The Score

Taste: 5/10
Presentation: 8.5/10

Pros: Nice thickness, very cold
Cons: Insanely sweet, too much gingerbread flavor

Nutrition Facts

Burger King Gingerbread Cookie Shake (small 12 oz)
Calories: 490
Total Fat: 15g
Sat. Fat: 11g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 290mg
Sodium: 82mg
Carbs: 82g
Fiber: 0g
Sugar: 70g
Protein: 8g

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  1. LOVE BURGER KING. STARTED GOING YEARS AGO BECAUSE I LOVE TRAINS AND YOU HAd a running train. the food and prices are great long as you don’t race the prices. love the new due. tables are to high for us short people also you need air condectioning in play area. I almost passed out there. it was to hot and know air moving in the play area. thank you for been the cleanest eating place I’ve been to. always cleaning the dinning area and bath rooms too. keep the great job up… thank you. god bless you all…

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