Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you create this site?

I created Man Reviews Food for two main reasons: I love trying new food and I wanted to try my hand at blogging. The site seemed like the perfect way to combine the two.

2. Do companies pay you to write reviews?

All of the reviews I write come from my own brain. I am not paid or endorsed by any company to write reviews. If such an occasion would arise, if ever, I will explicitly state that the review was sponsored.

3. Where do you live?

The Pacific Northwest, USA. This would explain why I never review items from certain fast food chains.

4. Outside of your reviews, how often do you eat a fast food meal?

I eat fast food about 3-4 times a week. Many of my review items are purchased as a side to my main meal (ex. I’m reviewing a milkshake but I also order a burger and fries).

5. Where do you get your nutrition information from?

I get all of my nutrition information from the chain the food item came from. Usually from their websites, but occasionally I will get the information from the actual restaurant.

6. Where do you find your information on new releases?

I get my information from a wide variety of sources. These include, but are not limited to: restaurant websites, twitter, facebook, tv commercials, friends and family, and readers like you!

7. Wait a minute, I saw your picture and you aren’t fat! How do you stay so slim and sexy while owning a fast food site?

Well I can’t help the sexy, but I do my best to eat sensibly between my fast food feasts and I drink mostly water.

8. I like your site, how can I stay up to date with your postings?

The best way to keep up with the site is by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Any time I post on the site I will also post on Facebook and Twitter. I also post pictures on Pinterest.

9. Who hosts www.manreviewsfood.com?

My current web hosting service is Bluehost. They provide excellent uptime and have great customer service.

10. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

That’s a really tough call, but overall I would say Wendy’s. I love their Hot ‘n Juicy Burger. McDonald’s is a close second.

11. Do you ever get tired of eating so much fast food?


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