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  1. I love the honey mustard flatbread sandwich. Please put it on the permanent menu. Thank you.

  2. I just looked through your site. I did do restaurant reviews in the past, so I have experience with it. I think that wanting to share your experience with others is a great idea. In fact, I encouraged it when I was doing it.

    I would like to make a suggestion, if you don’t mind. When you do a review of a new restaurant, or a new product that one offers, return after 2-3 months to try it again. Sometimes, when there is something new, it may take a while to properly train employees on how to fix it the way it was originally intended.

    By returning in a few months, you may see a big difference in the quality of some things. I found out this many years ago when a restaurant opened, and the food was about what you might rate a 5 tops. Yet, a friend suggested going a few months later, and it is by far the best restaurant in the small city it’s in.

    Hope you don’t mind the suggestion.

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