Hi, my name is Taylor, and I’m the owner of Man Reviews Food. Man Reviews Food is a website with the primary goal of reviewing new or promotional fast food items from the popular fast food chains across America. Man Reviews Food is updated roughly once a day.


I started this website with one idea in mind, sharing my love of fast food with the world!  The world of fast food is a constantly evolving one, and I do my best to keep up with it all here on the site. This is accomplished mainly by getting food reviews out there so the readers can get a better idea of if they should try that new food item or not. As of current, all of the reviews on Man Reviews Food are written by me.

I rate the items I review based on two primary factors: taste and presentation. Taste is an obvious one. I assess the food a score from 0 to 10 on how the taste experience is. I try to view these items as objectively as possible within their scope, meaning, I realize that fast food is usually of a lesser quality than fine dining.

The Presentation score is given based on how neatly the item was prepared and packaged. If the container for those chicken nuggets fell apart in the bag, that will result in a lower score. If the burger left half of its sauce in the wrapper before opening it up, that will result in a lower score. Sometimes messy is good, and this score usually doesn’t correlate with the actual taste of the food.

Here is a breakdown of the Taste score system:

10 – Fast food perfection! This food embodies all that is good and delicious in this world. This rank is reserved for only the finest fast food creations ever seen on this earth.

9 – An exceptional piece of fast food artistry. I will be ordering this item again, and again, and again in the future.

8 – A great menu item that stands above the usual offerings. I would consider ordering this item again on future visits.

7 – A fair fast food item. Slightly above average, but I probably wouldn’t consider eating it again.

6 – A notable attempt, but one that falls short in some way. I found some redeeming qualities about this food item, but it has problems and I would never order it again.

4-5 – Not a good food item, but there is at least one redeeming quality to be found. Doesn’t even need to be said, but I would never order this again.

0-3 – An abomination that should be cast into the depths of fast food Hell. This item should be avoided like the plague. I can’t believe I paid for this!

In my newer reviews, I also judge the product based on other criteria such as value and spiciness.

The Spiciness score numerically represents the level of spicy burn the dish offers, with 0 being no spice at all to 10 which is inedibly hot.

The Value score shows how much bang for the buck you get with the product. Value does not reflect the taste of the dish at all, meaning even terrible food items can receive a high Value score, and inversely, delicious items can receive a low Value score.

And I don’t just post reviews. In order to add a bit of variety and to cover more ground (covering food items in restaurants that are far from where I live), I also post news articles to keep readers up to date on the latest creations being offered.

I hope you will enjoy my postings and unbiased reviews here on Man Reviews Food!

Note: The opinions/views expressed in my reviews are mine and mine alone. They are not endorsed in any way, shape, or form. If such an occasion would ever arise, I will explicitly state so in the post.


  1. Dude, you are a genius. Thank you for trying the stuff that I was afraid to try – and steering me toward the new McDonald’s Egg White McMuffin. I was afraid, but now I am full, and happy. With delicious regards, Houston Foodlovers

  2. Hi, thanks for your site! I just found it today, and look forward to reading your reviews. We have a mobile app that gives users chain restaurant deals and new menu items, so your wisdom will be appreciated- we can know more about the food we list in the app. =)

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